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6. Stilobjekt Design Trophy am 09.09.

Anne-Sophie and Horst Hollenwager (Stilobjekt) are committed GCM advertising partners since several years. As well as sponsoring the Ladies and Men's First Teams clothing, their real highlight of the season is the much loved "Stilobjekt Design Trophy".


This year saw another great "sold-out" event played in excellent weather conditions.

A total of 75 players enjoyed the generous hospitality of Anne-Sophie and Horst, with the 11 lucky winners;

Regine Salewski, Jerry Koch, Christoph Gisin, Karo Barucka, Werner Maier, Ralf Gebhardt, Ralf Kempa, Daniele Lugaresi, Karin Jorga, Norbert Nega and the days best score from Aron Stiefavater taking home great prizes.


The highlight of the prize-giving was a raffle for a Eames Elephant, won by Stefan Korol.


A BIG GCM THANK YOU goes to Anne-Sophie and Horst